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At The 7th Annual Wisconsin Energy Efficiency Expo

Well it's about time!

Yeah, sorry, it has taken a little longer than usual to compile this summary of our last event. To be fair it wasn't one of our regular, extra special, monthly events. This extravaganza was the annual Energy Efficiency Expo, the seventh and best one to be exact.

With the monthly event there is close to a singular focus on a company, product, process, technology or a compilation of one or more. Not so with the expo. Presentations, education, exhibits, 273 attendees, if you were unable to attend take a look at the program to see what you missed. Clearly there was way too much going on to even consider a summary. However, the event was survey worthy.

What follows is a summary prepared by about 52 of the 273 attendees.

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So there you have it. The 2019 Energy Efficiency Expo summary from the perspective of  many.
It will be interesting to see how it all shakes out in 2020 for the 8th Annual Wisconsin Energy Efficiency Expo.

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Responses Question # 6 - Did you have a highlight to share i.e. best exhibit, best presentation?

  • Connections - thank you!
  • No, But I thought everything was well organized
  • Some presentations were too product based and migrated away from the core of WAEE. I would like to have learned more about current strategies vs those from 20 years ago.
  • Venue was great
  • networking
  • Nothing specific.
  • From a personal standpoint, of course the opportunity to present to a large group was definitely the highlight.
  • New technology
  • 5 simple Hvac tasks to effeiency
  • Cree representative's presentation
  • The hydrogen presentation was most interesting.
  • Was interesting having the Lt. Governor speak
  • VFD speaker Jeff Miller was great for this event. He got 10 questions and 3 requests to speak at other venues.
  • Solar was great
  • Regulatory Update
  • Great speaker options this year - too many to choose from. I recommend pairing it down so there are only 3-4 choices per breakout session.
  • n/a
  • n/a
  • Arch Electric's Speaker
  • The breakfast vendor/presentor quick intros
  • flat panels
  • na
  • Rod Heller
  • Compressed air
  • No
  • N/A
  • I liked the opening quick hit presentations so i could gauge what sessions to attend
  • Best exhibit: Schneider Electric, Best Presentation: Faith Power Quality
  • Mandela Barnes
  • American family facility was great. Need better layout of booths
  • Jerry was
  • Plug Power presentation on hydrogen as a fuel


Responses Question #7 - Is there a speaker (topic) or exhibitor you would like us to invite for next year?

  • No, I think that the organizers do a great job of their selections.
  • making technology work for you, feasibility of better buildings and sustainable projects
  • I believe means of more and better energy conservation deserves more attention.
  • I think you've provided a good mix. Perhaps some sales/marketing might be something to consider.
  • Wind turbine
  • No
  • PSC representative
  • I liked the variation of topics included this year.
  • Your keynote speaker form 2018 was excellent. Him or someone similar would be a draw.
  • Mark Jewell
  • Battery Storage
  • n/a
  • A PSC Member to discuss policy
  • Ed Mazria
  • managing Wisconsin's statewide loads and generating capacity
  • no
  • Rod Heller
  • No
  • No
  • N/A
  • N/a
  • Effects of power quality on power effifiency and capital costs
  • CHP or CCHP
  • More on Battery Storage
  • todd stuart
  • repeat plug power and more on hydrogen

Responses Question #9 - If it were your choice to select a venue for next year between West Bend Mutual or American Family your choice would be :
  • Monona Terrace or Alliant Energy Center (maybe pricey however)
  • Uline, Harley Museum
  • I like the extra space in AMFAM, though eating area was small.
  • Good idea to alternate venues/ locations
  • a conference venue with formal rooms and space for trade show
  • Miller Park

Responses Question # 10 Did you walk away from the Expo with any "actionable ideas" ?

  • Yes! Thank you!
  • No, being my 1st Expo, I was satisfied with everything.
  • No, the ideas were familiar or too similar to other conferences that I have attended. I really enjoyed he sustainability panel that you guys did and would like to see the presentations be more case-study "real-life" examples - CURRENT. The expo was a good size and the vendors did a nice job.
  • Follow up with questions from attendees
  • I better understand alternatives to compressed air.
  • Disregard
  • Most of directly actionable activity was direct follow-up with visitors/attendees.
  • Will definitely follow up with some contacts
  • Many helpful ideas from the expo
  • Gathered information that may be implemented.
  • I have one suggestion for the expo. Because of so many great presenters, it would be worth while, in my opinion, to record the presentations so that others can view them at a later date. It was tough choosing between some of them and a recording would allow me to learn from both.
  • No
  • I got 3 new project leads for Focus on Energy, 3+ new trade allies, shareable techincal info for my engineering group, and request by UW-P to speak to students! Thanks!
  • no
  • Swimming pool energy efficiency ideas
  • flat panels
  • Energy Efficiency as a Service!
  • Follow-up with an exhibitor
  • Get more involved with WAEE by attending monthly events, become a member
  • Yes, made a few good connections I will use going forward
  • As always, we learned a lot from our attendees and we cultivated several new leads
  • Got some great marketing ideas
  • breakfast and lunch did not flow well
  • yes, differentiate "Sponsors vs Partners" and share w/ WAEE

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