The Energy Efficiency Expo is always going to be worth the price of admission... FREE!! However, it is important to understand the WAEE is active all year round and membership brings exceptional value.

1-    Beyond the annual Energy Efficiency Expo the WAEE maintains an educational program promoting energy conservation, hosting events throughout the state, throughout year.

2-    Each month we schedule visits with organizations willing to share their knowledge. Share their experience relevant to energy conservation, technology, processes and products with our members. We place our members in these stimulating venues, provide a free lunch and present an opportunity to learn,  network and discuss ideas.   This increases the impact of our organization and potentially, each individual member as well.

3-    Documenting your membership in the WAEE on your resume and or LinkedIn page helps distinguish you and your active interest in energy management and conservation. 

4-    Continuing Educational Units (CEUs) and Professional Development Hours (PDHs) are awarded for attending WAEE monthly events. Attending all 10 WAEE monthly events and the annual Energy Efficiency Expo results in eligibility for a total 3.8 CEUs / PDHs for the year. This is an especially convenient way to document that you remain passionate and ‘plugged in’ to your profession.

5-    Your membership also entitles you, and your entire family, to take advantage of our scholarship award program. The WAEE has awarded close to $75,000 dollars over the last 10 years. Any student demonstrating interest in any of the rapidly expanding fields of energy related careers is welcome to participate. Solar, wind, geothermal, hydro, hydrogen, nuclear, research, engineering, energy management, and on and on and on. Keep in mind that energy related occupations are in high demand, rewarding, satisfying and unlikely to be automated any time soon :- )

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