Maintaining the emphasis on energy conservation

The WAEE, The Wisconsin Association of Energy Engineers, works to encourage, nurture and support individuals and organizations, students and professionals having an interest in energy conservation. Our mission is to maintain an ongoing emphasis on energy conservation throughout the state of Wisconsin. We accomplish this by sponsoring, coordinating, and promoting educational events, awarding scholarships and endorsing other informative programs. None of this would be possible were it not for the support of our sponsors. Sponsors like Master's Academy.

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What is Master’s Academy?
The simple answer is it is an opportunity.
Consider this…

* Every company, every organization, uses power. Heating, cooling, lighting, machinery, transportation.  It is only recently that businesses have come to realize that the consumption and cost of energy can be managed and in almost every case, dramatically reduced.

* Over the last several decades we have watched energy prices climb. Demand has grown as population has increased and new economies emerged and prospered. This escalation of demand came with a recognition that traditional sources for power are finite.

* That greater demand has also created new industries , new technologies and new jobs as alternate and renewable sources for power have become commercially available.

* Add to the growing demand, the consequences of increased energy consumption. Our climate has become a worldwide concern. Globally, governments are alarmed  and media attention has  intensified and become relentless.   
Add it all up and it becomes clear that while every country, company and organization are using energy, they all want to use less.The need for energy management professionals is exploding.

Whether you are looking for a new career in Energy Management or just to  differentiate your resume as a Certified Energy Professional, Master’s Academy can provide the training and set you on right path.

If you are looking to start a sustainability program or just reduce energy costs for your company Masters Academy can lend a hand. They offer a free mentoring program designed to get you on track, the right track, right from the beginning.  (Click Here Learn More)