Trout Springs Winery

The WAEE, when the time is right, is quite willing to mix business with pleasure. On July 24th in Greenleaf Wisconsin the time will be right. Scheduled for July, our learning tour will take us to Trout Spring Winery where we will have the opportunity enjoy a summer afternoon vist a country vineyard. and learn about combining sustainability and wine production.

I am not going to even attempt to describe this one. Just too much. Sustainable stratagies that include bug munching chickens, a trout hatchery, geothermal energy have all come together in the production of  award winning wines.

They have been been acknowleded in the prestigious national publication, "The Grape Vine". Trout Springs Winery was also recognized as  winery of the year by the Wisconsin Grape Growers Association. The winery was also designated "Green Master" the highest honor bestowed by the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council in 2018. (Press release)

The best bet here is to visit The Trout Springs Winery website. Learn about what they have done, what they are doing and all about "Clamping"  :- )

For those interested in learning the absolute most, there will be a wine tasting after the tour :- )
Seperate fee for tasting of  $5.00

The Trout Springs Registration page is up. You will want to register early as there is limited capacity, topping out at 55.