Interested Becoming a Sponsor?
You won't find a better time!
Here's why...

Among the many benefits of
sponsorship is free exhibit
space at the 8th Annual
Wisconsin Energy Efficiency Expo.

If your company has a product,
service or message related to
Energy Efficiency you won't
find a better venue.

Points of Contact

For information on becoming a sponsor, speaker, exhibitor, ‘new’ ideas & questions in general.

Exhibitors - Location, brochure content (paragraph about each exhibitor w/ their logo for the brochure) logistics, etc.
“Richard Feustel"
Exterior exhibits - Enclosed displays outside the main exhibition area Note: we already have ABB truck exhibit
"Jerry Eaton", “Richard Feustel"
Speakers / Instructors - Topic, Description "Jerry Eaton"
"Rick Kennett"
Volunteers - Interested in a 'higher level' of participation?
"Rick Kennett"
Event Brochure – The agenda, content, layout, printing, etc of event brochure(s)
"Jerry Eaton"
Posters / Foam Boards
"Craig Bahr"
Registration - information, process, handouts, event desk, staffing, etc.
"Kathy Leifer"
Introductions - Instructor, NTB and Keynote - WAEE Personnel
New Technology Breakfast – Participants, companies, bios, logos
"Mark Albert"
Door Prizes
"Jerry Eaton"
Email Blasts
"Suzanne Ferris" , "Rick Kennett"

Here's why...

The 8th annual Energy Efficiency Expo is coming this year at a strategically important time in our state’s campaign against climate change...
The beginning!

In August of 2019 Governor Tony Evers issued an executive order and committed Wisconsin to become carbon free by 2050.
We are at the very beginning of a 30 year statewide program to protect our climate.

This is good news.
One of the primary objectives of the Wisconsin Association of Energy Engineers is to "maintain our emphasis on energy conservation”. Clearly the state initiative and our objectives are in alignment.

Wisconsin has taken the right approach. An approach that isn’t driven by the government, taxes or regulations but instead, the private sector. A proactive approach, one capable of generating a positive dynamic i.e.  a grass roots initiative that is easily, (profitably :- ) embraced by individuals, organizations and businesses.

Achieving our objectives requires that our organization has impact.This leads us to coordinate and host events like this expo, and to organize sponsors having new technology, relevant products, and services. Sponsors with the expertise and willingness to share their knowledge with our membership. Knowledge precipitates change and voila! "Impact".

And here is more good news, There are more organizations, many in fact, each independent yet with missions. Partners with missions reflecting similar components of environmental and social responsibility. More organizations, with additional resources, members, They too are working to ‘have impact’.

We look at this year’s Expo as an opportunity engage and energize our members, our sponsors and our partnersi in pursuit of a Carbon Free 2050 and our mission “Maintaining the emphasis on energy conservation."

See you there!

Oh? You still need to be convinced?  OK, read this and feel good!